Not Shortland Street.

Short+Sweet Festival is a performing arts festival that celebrates the 10-minute performance format across theatre, dance, song and cabaret. Originally out of Sydney, with satellite city festivals all over the world including every major city in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Philippines, UAE and USA.

Held annually in Auckland since 2009 and in Wellington since 2015, it provides a platform for actors, dancers, singers, writers, choreographers, musos and directors to create high quality new work in a professional theatre environment reflecting the Festival city.

Each rendition of the Festivals in New Zealand is a collaboration by over 350 performers and creatives… all volunteers!

A night at Short+Sweet consists of up to ten dynamic 10-minute works and the audience is presented with a feast of styles and subjects. At the end of the night, the audience is invited to vote for their favourite work to help determine the top works that make it to the Gala Final.


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