Short+Sweet Dance presents The Biggest Little Dance Festival in The World!S+S_Dance_Wk1-8

Contemporary, hip hop, dance theatre, belly dancing, multimedia, burlesque and much more – Short+Sweet Dance has a little something for everyone in bite-sized performances. It’s simple, really. All genres, all styles, all abilities, but with one little rule – no dance over 10 minutes!

Short+Sweet Dance features new dance works from some of New Zealand’s hottest emerging and established dance practitioners. Fast-paced and incredibly dynamic, Short+Sweet is dance with a difference!

How does it work?

Short+Sweet dance starts with a call for entries where we ask choreographers and dance companies to submit proposals. We take on-line submissions from anyone keen to be involved.

We assess the best proposals which then make the festival short-list. Choreographers are chosen and they bring together their team of dancers and rehearsals begin in earnest.

We break the festival into two divisions, the main bill (for the more experienced practitioners or interesting pieces) and the wild cards (for the newer participants). From there the audience and selected judges vote to send the best to our Gala finals.

The best of the festival gather in front of a panel of judges and the audience and perform one last time. On this night the panel of judges choose their best plays and the awards are given. There are winners chosen by the judges for overall production, playwright, director and actors. The audience choice award for the whole season is also announced.

Photo: Melana Khabazi choreographer/performer of Espressivo in Week One Short+Sweet Dance 2013
Captured by RonbergCreative