Top 22 – Week 1

Title: Walking Shadow
Writer: Matthew O’Sullivan (AUSTRALIA)
Director: Rita Stone
Cast: David Capstick (Martin), Phoebe Borwick (Olivia)
Synopsis: Martin is an aging actor. He has known fame and had success, but life has moved on and he has been forgotten. A tragic drama about a lifetime’s experience being casually rejected.

Title: Reading Lamouche
Writer: Finnius F. Teppett
Director: Calum Gittins
Cast:Carl Drake, Britta Brandt, Liesha Ward-Knox, Greg Bailey & Raj Singh

Title: Out From Under With Mary
Writer:Chris Shaw Swanson
Director: Terry Hooper
Cast: Sarin Moddle, Katherine Mewett

Title: The World’s Worst Fight
Writer: Robyn Paterson
Director: Patricia Vichmann
Cast: Carl Drake & Val Carroll

Title: Irish Stew
Writer: Cary Pepper
Director: Alex Lee
Cast: TBC

Title: A Glorious Act
Writers: Trish Phelan & Loren Mason
Director: Trish Phelan
Cast: TBC

Title: After. Life.
ITC: re:Generate T.C
Director: Bryan Johnston
Written & devised:  The Cast
Cast: Mike Borgfeldt, Prema Cottingham, Rebecca Parr, Luke Wilson
Synopsis: Taking the moment between life and death as a starting point – what do we see? Is it literally god, family, friend welcoming you back or is it something darker – heaven or hell!

Title: The Birthday
ITC: Galatea Theatre
Director: Natalie Beran
Creators: Natalie Beran &Mark Silence
Cast: Geoff Allen, Liesha Ward-Knox, Katherine Hair, Coen Falke, Ruth Wynne, Natalie Beran, Brendan Lovell, Gina Timberlake, John Aukusitino, Darren Ludlam
Synopsis: When Mr W dies midway through his own birthday party – everyone’s a suspect! A fast paced silent film for the stage!

Title: Storming The Castle
ITC: Rebels&Robots
Director: Roberto Nascimento
Writer: Louis Mendiola
Cast: Daniel Sewell & Jeff Szusterman
Synopsis: The story of a nerdy 13 year old boy struggling to figure out how to invite the girl of his dreams to the school ball. Left without options, he reluctantly recruits his eager-to-be-cool dad to give him some pointers.

Title: Staged Madness
ITC: Winter’s Collective
Director: Bruce Brown
Cast: Matt Norton & Kate Vox
Synopsis: An actress suffering from a breakdown is taken into psychiatric care, but as the doctor evaluates her condition we begin to wonder – is she the only one under observation?

Title: The Five Languages of Love (Working title)
ITC: Grublette Productions
Director: Barnaby Fredric
Creator: Elizabeth McMenamin
Cast: Chelsea McEwan Millar & Elizabeth McMenamin
Synopsis: A single two minute scenario plays five times, each with a different language of love, a quirky comedy delving into the idea that you’re just not always on the same page.

Top 22 – Week 2

Title: The Blue Balloon
Writer: Angie Farrow
Director: Jesse Hilford
Cast: Lee Ah Yen Faatoia, Natalie Beran, Raj Singh, Kate Castle, Daley Winterstein, Jessica Walsh, Katherine Mewette, Alexandra Powell & Bella Wicks

Title: V.D.
Writer: Pete Malicki
Director: Catherine Boniface
Cast: Jess Holly Bates

Title: Last Drinks
Writer: Greg Gould
Director: Matt Baker
Cast: Rohan Glynn & Rachel Blampied

Title: Spidermen
Writer: Adam Szudrich
Director: Monica Mahendru
Cast: Daley Winterstein & Preston O’Brien

Title: Where You’d Least Expect
Writer: Aroha Awarau
Director: Simon Clark
Cast: Matt Baker & Cassie Baker

Title: Feature Wall
ITC: We Are Sailors
Director: Phoebe Borwick
Cast: Saraid Cameron (Patricia), Susannah Smith-Roy (Dorothy), Cole Jenkins (Man), Adam Thompson, Jamie Lamb, Edwin Monk-Fromont, Luke Bower & Haddon Smith (Men)

Title: Lucky C*nt-ry
ITC: Dead Leg Theatre Company
Director: Anne Jones Watson
Cast: Romy Hooper, Jess Holly Bates, Andrew Gunn & Anne Jones Watson

Title: The Break Up 2 (Working Title)
Director & Writer: Glen Pickering
Cast: Rohan Glynn, Matt Baker & Sheena Irving

Title: Lust Is Blind
ITC: Northland Youth Theatre
Director: Jan Fisher
 Georgia-May Pope, Ava O’Brien, Kipling Davies-Colley, Zelde Morrison-Smith
Synopsis: Typical teenagers that think they are in love. Jealousy, confusion, escape. Lust is blind.

Title: Fruit Salad
Writer: Jodie Ellis
Director: Christine Becker, Kacie Stetson (Mentor)
Cast: Simon Shreeve (Brian) & Jodie Ellis (Jade)
Synopsis: A comedy about family differences… and fruit.

Title: Hongi
ITC: Sexy Bird Productions
Director & Writer: James Crompton
Cast: James Crompton, Lee Ah Yen Faatoia
Synopsis: It’s a based on true story about a Maori conman with a gift of the gab and a dimwitted Pakeha who gets a bit of a wake up call.


Title: Dueling Judges
Writer:Rex McGregor
Director: Sarah Jansen
Cast: Simon Clark, Tatiana Hotere & Bella Wicks
Synopsis: Sparks fly when two domineering judges meet on a blind date.

Title: Jim
Writer: Richard McGregor
Director: Claire Noble
Synopsis: Life’s full of surprises. Some of them bloody awful.

Title: Baggage
Writer: Tom Jensen
Director: Adrian Frencken
Cast: TBC

Title: Somewhere Between The Sky and the Sea
Writer: Alex Broun
Director: Jessica Suo
Cast: T-Ann Manora, Greg Bailey & Rebecca McFadzien

Title: Travel in Draos
Writer:Sydney Walls
Director: Kinloch Anstiss
Cast: TBC
Synopsis: A Witch Finder explains his profession to a couple he meets on a train.

Title: The Antichrist Cometh
Writer:David MacGregor
Director: Rebekah Bourhill
Cast: Scott Hayden & Erica Kroger
Synopsis:An average man getting ready to go to a dinner party with his wife discovers that he may, in fact, be the Antichrist.

Title: ‘Games’
ITC: ‘SlipofthePen Productions’
Writer/Director: Renee Pascalle Brierley, Kacie Stetson (Mentor)
Cast: Sophie Alice Bloomfield (Imogen), Renee Pascalle Brierley (Ashleigh)
Synopsis: Sisters. Life. Liquid Refreshments. Boys. It’s all a game. Winning is Everything.. Everything.

Title: This Could be the Start
ITC: little L productions
Writer: Lisette de Jong
Director: Robyn Donnelly
Cast: Lisette de Jong (Sarah), Tom Kane (Tim), Aarti Prasad (WINZ Lady)
Synopsis: Sudden unemployment, still flatting at 40, dealing with a new Wellingtonian, an annoying encounter with WINZ, favourite TV show replaced! Can Sarah’s new flattie manage to convince her that at least she’s not alone?

Title: Geeta’s first world problems
ITC: $ucce$$ St. Productions
Director & Writer: Rina Patel


Short+Sweet Theatre is festival of bite sized plays, never more than ten minutes long. From comedy to physical theatre, deep drama to superheroes, we’ve got it all and perfectly packaged to keep you interested. And its only ever  minutes to the next one!

Each year Short+Sweet Theatre produces hundreds of the best ten minute plays from across the globe produced by some of the most talented local actors and directors.

As well as presenting some of the best ten-minute theatre on the planet Short+Sweet has also helped to launch the careers of many actors, writers and directors.

How does it work?

Short+Sweet starts with a call for entries where we ask playwrights and independent theatre and dance companies to submit proposals and scripts. At the same time we also ask directors and actors to apply to be involved. We take on-line submissions from anyone keen to be involved.

We assess the best proposals and scripts which then make the festival short-list. Directors are chosen, actors are auditioned, the pieces are cast and rehearsals begin in earnest.

We break the festival into two divisions, the main bill (for the more experienced practitioners or interesting pieces) and the wild cards (for the newer participants). From there the audience and selected judges vote to send the best to our Gala finals.

The best of the festival gather in front of a panel of judges and the audience and perform one last time. On this night the panel of judges choose their best plays and the awards are given. There are winners chosen by the judges for overall production, playwright, director and actors. The audience choice award for the whole season is also announced.