Rules for Participation

There are limits to the number of piece you can be involved in Short+Sweet Theatre. These are in place to make sure no-one becomes over committed and there is an opportunity to have as many people in the festival as possible.

Actors may not perform in more than TWO plays at Short+Sweet – this includes Top 20 and Wildcards.

(exceptions may be made by the Artistic Director when a small non speaking/walk on role needs to be cast. In this case the actor must be performing on the same night in another play and permission will only be given if the Artistic Director is satisfied that the director has actually looked for someone to fill that role from the large number of auditionees).

Directors may only direct ONE play.

Only ONE play by any playwright will be presented at the Festival

(exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Artistic Director if a playwright is also a contributor to the creation of a devised work, or co-authors  a work so long as the Artistic Director is satisfied that the co-authorship or contribution to the group is genuinely not a second play writtten by that playwright)

This means however at the most one person can act in two plays, direct another and write one more. However this is huge time commitment and should not be taken on lightly. Please consider carefully how much time and energy you have and commit only to that which you can follow through.

Recommendations for Content

While Short+Sweet Theatre has no desire to act as a censor we advise our audience that content may include adult themes and is suitable for ages 15+ (or children with parental guidance).

The Artistic Director will act as final arbiter with respect to the content of the work. We ask that you consider the nature of audience when creating your work. Content will be assessed within the context of the work and, while there are no specific limits as to what we will allow on stage, as a guideline you should consider if potentially objectional content is motivated and crucial to the telling of the story. Most scripts that directors choose from will be able to be staged without any issue but some ITC submissions may push boundaries. Things that you may be asked to address include excessive swearing, extreme violence or nudity.