While we endeavour to leave you to create your own work all Directors, Choreographers & Theatre makers are reminded that until their production is actually performed in the Short+Sweet Festival they are simply offered an invitation to present a work at the Short+Sweet Festival.

If at any time prior to the rehearsal process, during the rehearsal process or in final technical rehearsals for their production a Director, Choreographer or Theatre maker is not felt to be fulfilling their responsibilities or is unable to fulfil their responsibilities, steps may be taken by the Short+Sweet Festival to ensure the highest standard of performance at the Festival.

These steps may include:

  • Discussing with the Director, Choreographer or Theatre maker certain decisions regarding staging and interpretation of the work
  • Replacing the Director of a certain theatrical production
  • Withdrawing a production from the Festival
  • Cancelling a production

Any of these steps are taken as last resort and out of consideration for other participants in the festival.

Directors, Choreographers & Theatre makers are respectfully reminded that final artistic authority for the Short+Sweet Festival lies with Short+Sweet and the Artistic Directors.